STIRIXIS Exclusive is all about creating unique living spaces. We take on residential projects, design and manage them until the very end, delivering a functional and bespoke concept based on exciting and novel design ideas. From exclusive villas to city apartments or vacation houses, we create and ensure you move into a perfect living environment.



Lines. Color. Light. Sound. Scent. Big concepts need to be effectively translated into a wide range of technical and sensorial elements, well-aligned to be impressive, attractive and successful. We carefully design, manage, tweak and align these details to ensure their emergent value will leave your customers enthused, engaged, and enthralled.


Our work doesn’t end at the ribbon cutting. Our project evolution services ensure that your concept remains up-to-date, relevant to your market and profitable. We take feedback, analyse results, follow trends, search for best practices and take proactive actions towards change, making sure that all parameters of your business keep operating optimally.

Why Us

 Our Philosophy: We believe that every business can be prosperous and sustainable. One needs to find its true core value, provide a nurturing context and constantly optimize it
to ensure its long-term success.

 Our Approach: From start to finish, we proactively align all components to create emergent values, optimize output of the system and ensure sustainable growth.

Our Process: We implement project excellence tools and constantly ensure that your strategic goals are preserved. Budgets, time, quality, cash flow, relationships and risks are continuously addressed and managed, as they have a pivotal role for success.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly-educated and trained specialists from different disciplines, such as architects, project managers, investment consultants, civil & mechanical engineers, interior designers and decorators. Out of these carefully selected experts, we form teams for each project that face successfully the challenges and deliver the required outcome.