A Conference Centre Like No Other!

Located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, Qassim University stands tall as a top-ranked institution in the region. Entrusted with the task of designing the university’s Majlis – the conference room, our team designed and delivered an impressive space that not only does justice to the university’s esteemed reputation, but also creates a captivating experience that connects every visitor with the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Welcome to our latest project!

majlis qassim university

When you walk in, the round, welcoming shape of the room immediately generates feelings of calmness and serenity. These feelings inspired our design. Our team seamlessly combined richness in detail, light, and soothing colors in the space, to enhance and support the ideal atmosphere of the space.

The result? A conference room that supports even longest and most hectic meetings.

Light oak wood and beige tones can be found across the entire 350 square meters-space and are enhanced with intricate, sophisticated patterns inspired by the creative cultural expressions of the region. These also serve as a sound acoustic solution, ensuring that the space offers a truly enjoyable experience.

Symmetry plays a key role in the space. The breath-taking ceiling design – which immediately captivates the visitors – mirrors the round shape of the room contributing to their peace of mind in the space. It is a crucial element that includes a stretch ceiling imitation daylight which shines through the brass mashrabiya patterns. Pendant light fixtures are also in brass, complementing the light that comes from the ceiling.

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