An Internationally Awarded Renovation Project.

The apartment was originally decorated as a showroom, in collaboration with Casa di Patsi.

Once the property was used again as a residence, the home decoration specialists of STIRIXIS Exclusive were called in order to create a unique interior design with a new set of furniture and different colors to match the style and needs of the new owners.

The final result was awarded the “Best in Greece, Interior Apartment Award 2014-2015” at the International Property Awards.

The total house design has elegant corners with clear angles that separate each area of the apartment while at the same time maintains the sense of a big and open space. A perfect blend of light and furniture gave this place a sense of comfort suitable for all situations.

The living room design has ample space and its main characteristic is comfiness. It includes a TV area and dining room, both merging smoothly with the modern kitchen area. By placing the dining room at the center of the main area, the home emits a sense of togetherness and community, but the small reading areas scattered around allow for moments of meditation with the choice to relax alone.

Dining room design - The Bright Apartment
Living room design - The Bright Apartment
Apartment renovation - The Bright Apartment
Apartment redesign - The Bright Apartment
Modern Apartment - The Bright Apartment
Bedroom design - The Bright Apartment
Bathroom design - The Bright Apartment

Regarding the home decoration, we chose a combination of contemporary designs on classic furniture, giving a unique touch to the design. On the walls, we placed artworks and painting from the owners’ personal collection.



The Guest House.


The Projection House.