A True Home for CEO Clubs Greece.

The Clubhouse: A space to be used by like-minded CEOs to meet, discuss, share knowledge, and co-create.  A multi-functional, attractive, technologically advanced space that feels exclusively theirs. A project that creates a true House of CEO Clubs Greece.

Welcome to our latest project!

CEO Clubs Greece is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 as a chapter of CEO Clubs International: one of the largest business clubs worldwide, with over 15,000 members. During its 13 years of operation, CEO Clubs Greece has made a significant impact in the local market and is now widely recognized as the country’s most progressive Club of successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Through a series of meetings and events, the Club cultivates knowledge and meaningful peer networking, while promoting extroversion. Now, it can continue delivering its vision through its own, unique Clubhouse.

The project included the complete renovation of a wonderful asset in the area of Flisvos Marina, with a breath-taking view of the sun setting behind an impressive and exclusive ‘collection’ of luxury yachts. A relaxing, high-end New York Loft concept was the basis for the design of the interior. White brick walls and a warm wooden floor, impressive curtains and wallpapers, all combined with an eclectic choice of different furniture pieces that completed the puzzle. An impressive full-service curved back-lit bar is the journey starting point while similarly curved elements were used throughout the space, to subtly create a soothing, comfortable and warm atmosphere that differentiates this space from corporate locations, enabling members to truly feel at home.

Four different areas were designed: a back-of-house office area, a lounge area, a boardroom, and a versatile event zone.

The unique boardroom, was designed to encourage collaboration, concentration, collaboration in a state of the art way, overlooking the sea and seamlessly matching the surrounding colors. Lighting takes centre-stage in this space, with the biggest installation of Signify’s “Nature Connect” system outside Signify’s HQ in Einthoven and the first in Greece. This innovative technology resembles a skylight and is adjusted to bring the boardroom into a different time zone. Performance and Wellbeing go hand in hand in the unmatched example of workplace technology. The color of the textured wallpaper and the hand-picked art works, match the colors that can be viewed from the window, blurring the boundaries between inside and out. The petrol furniture piece with a leathery touch, adds a homey feeling to the space, provoking comfort, and ease of mind.

The lounge includes a reception area, with a custom-made backlit white onyx desk that produces a sense of calmness. This matches with the curved bar with black granite surface, modern lighting, and a bright backlit wall, producing warmth and comfort. Hand-picked sofas and tables showcase the network’s sophisticated, eclectic, elegant personality.

Finally, the versatile event zone boasts a super bright, large scale LED screen coupled with a high-quality audio installation. The Club House’s atmosphere is optimized through the all-inclusive BMS (building management system) that takes care of lighting, shading, sound and ventilation / heating/ air-conditioning.


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