The Gem Apartment.

Our project “Gem Apartment” got its name from the all the little shiny elements that decorate the finer details of this residence.

The essential trait that permeated every aspect of the design can be summed up in two words “solid & simple”. Everything inside the space creates a sense of fine compactness and classy ergonomic design, with no extravagant elements; only clear lines. Our furniture design is simple in appearance and enhances the feeling of compactness, yet provides hidden compartments to make the most of every available inch in the apartment, giving it room to breathe.

Comprised of a bathroom, a bedroom, a sitting area, a kitchen/dining room combination and a guest WC, each is designed independently yet together they form a coherent and solid whole. They all share imagery taken from nature hinting at growth, strength, and safety. At the same time, the elegance of the colorful art placed around the apartment is underscored by its careful implementation and gives the finishing touch to a complete design that aimed to bring together elegance,
beauty, and functionality.

STIRIXIS Exclusive ensured not only the perfect execution of the designs but the swift and trouble-free handover to the owner.  A perfect example of a successful holistic approach…

One with Nature.


The Smart Casual Apartment Decoration.