The Guest House.

A small stone lodge turned into a cozy, fully autonomous, guest house.

The property also doubles as exterior bathrooms and changing rooms for the garden and pool area but also complements the main house which used to be an old tower (not shown in pictures).

The proper use of wooden frames gives the house a rustic sensibility and extra sense of security and sturdiness. The majority of the lodge is comprised of a single bedroom and a single bathroom that doubles as a washroom for the main house. Although small and at places narrow, we managed to use every part of the house, every corner and every nook and cranny to make it a fully equipped house.

The look and feel is traditional, respecting the history of the area and the main building, combined though with contemporary facilities. Each piece of furniture and object is chosen carefully, with love and care, in order to recreate a sense of nostalgia and a strong connection to the long family history of the owners.

One with Nature.


The Projection House.