A Residence in Nature.

Aptly named. The Open house is a three-floor family house, that STIRIXIS Exclusive created. The home design, interior decoration and project management were some of the services offered and, once again, delivered on time, on budget and on quality.

The specific project is a place that feels like all rooms are part of a single big area. The dining and sitting room are surrounded by wide windows making one feel connected to the outside. A set of long sofas next to a smart fireplace that warms up all the rooms of the house when lit, make the sitting area perfect for large family gatherings and events.

Modern home design - The Open House
Garden design - The Open House
Exterior design - The Open House
Unique interior design - The Open House
Ergonomic interior design - The Open House
Living room - The Open House
Exquisite interior design - The Open House
Living room - The Open House
Modern kitchen - The Open House
Modern house plans - The Open House
Interior decoration - The Open House
Modern home decoration - The Open House
Dining room design - The Open House

The home design selected, features a play area downstairs where the kids’ bedrooms are located, each with access to the garden and pool area, giving them and the couple above, privacy and independence. The main area surrounds the patio and garden almost completely, providing a sense of openness and breathing space. A small music room complements the living area, separated with a large door so as not to disturb those outside. The kitchen design was elaborated to create a functional area with a small table for quick meals and is separated from the dining room via a small door. The dining area functions as the heart of the house and is designed to accommodate large family gatherings.

STIRIXIS Exclusive team was asked to offer interior decoration services for all rooms, creating an harmonic image with nature, offering the feeling of serenity and tranquility, while keeping the style of the owners.



The Projection House.


Living room design - The Smart Casual Apartment

The Smart Casual Apartment.