A Complete Redecoration Project.

A non-typical decoration design project. A home perfect for a solo act or a couple, with a spacious living and dining room. Combining a contemporary style with a touch of classic aesthetic, STIRIXIS Exclusive gave this place a sense of calm, suitable for all seasons. The cute balcony with a garden adds to the mix by giving the extra “smart” element to the casual style of the interior.

Living room design - The Smart Casual Apartment
Lavatory design - The Smart Casual Apartment
Bedroom design - The Smart Casual Apartment
Living room decoration - The Smart Casual Apartment
Living room interior design - The Smart Casual Apartment
Smart dining room - The Smart Casual Apartment

The colors used are mostly neutral playing smartly between grey-beige and light blue tones. All decoration design details are simple to match with the vibrant elements such as the wall with the flower covering. This color coding follows all areas of this small apartment in order to create a unified atmosphere and a sense of harmony. All the areas of the apartment, from the kitchen design to the bedroom design were excessively studied to match the needs of the owners, offering them their dream home.



The Guest House.


The Stylish Warm Villa.