Membership Rules & Regulations

By signing the Membership Application, member(s) have reviewed and agree to abide by Emergence-STIRIXIS Global Society Rules and Regulations.

General Rules & Regulations:

A. The Rules & Regulations are applicable to all members to ensure the continuation, enjoyment, and emergence of everyone in our society.

B. STIRIXIS Group reserves the right to change the rules. In this case, STIRIXIS Group shall notify in writing all members of such changes.


Emergence, STIRIXIS Global Society is an exclusive everlasting society, where only the high level managers (CEOs, presidents etc.), having collaborated with STIRIXIS Group have the benefit to access it and is everlasting.

– This membership does not include family members or any other third party.
– Throughout the year, there will be events open to the “bigger family” of Emergence; in some events, the family members of our members can also participate. The members of the society will be informed in advance.
– Your membership is personal to you and is not transferable. You are responsible for ensuring that no one uses your membership.
– Only for specific events, a member can recommend new members, on the grounds that they have worked together and the person brought forward has a proven track record.
– Members may be employed by the same company. This is a society of people, not companies.
– All members are responsible to provide accurate information to STIRIXIS Group and must notify in the event that any information provided changes.
– Members are required – but are not obliged – to give other members of the group their preferred contact details. All members should have access to each other directly. STIRIXIS Group will not reveal any member’s personal information without his/her consent.
– Member may be expelled from the society in case:
1. Permits the unauthorized use of Emergence benefits, by a third party.
2. Fails to abide by the rules and regulations established for use of our society.
3. Engages in conduct that is improper or likely to endanger the welfare, safety, harmony or reputation of the society or its members.

Subscription & Fees

There is no fee, subscription or any kind of monetary contribution related to membership.

Events & Publicity

– It is the responsibility of STIRIXIS Group to inform the members of all future events relating to
– The annual schedule provided is not final and may be subject to changes. The society will be informed in advance.
– The activities, business decisions, opinions and/or public personas of each member do not reflect the views of Emergence. This is an independent unit.
– All matters related to the public image of the group are handled by STIRIXIS Group.
– Our news are communicated through our channels, so all community members are welcomed to share any information they want inside our community.
– The events scheduled for the members of the group are not mandatory, but it is nice to gather all together once in a while.
– For logistic reasons, members will have to sign up for future events if they wish to attend.

Former member/suspended member not to be admitted

Any member who is suspended or expelled shall not be entitled to be a visitor or a guest in the society and shall forfeit all his rights and privileges under these Rules.


Both members of the Emergence society and the staff of STIRIXIS Group are held to strict confidentiality standards regarding Members and guests. Any information acquired while at any Emergence meeting, must be kept in the strictest confidence. Please respect the privacy of other individuals.

Personal Data

Please note that STIRIXIS Group takes all necessary measures to meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provisions. Members’ personal data shall be gathered and kept by STIRIXIS Group only for the purposes of the present and pursuant to the provisions of GDPR. By signing the present Membership Application, you expressly consent to the processing of your personal data by STIRIXIS Group for the purposes of the present and in accordance with the provisions of law.

Contact Us

Should you wish to give us feedback for whatever reason you can do so by contacting the Emergence’s Manager first or by logging onto our website on or via email or call +30 210 6138 312.


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