About STIRIXIS Exclusive.

STIRIXIS Exclusive is all about creating unique living spaces. We take on residential projects, design and manage them with our holistic approach until the very end, delivering a functional and bespoke concept based on exciting and novel design ideas. From exclusive villas to city apartments or vacation houses, we create and ensure you move into a perfect living environment.



We carefully design, manage, tweak and align all design elements to ensure their emergent value will leave you enthused, engaged, and enthralled. We ensure that our design concept will reflect efficiently and effectively your life values, your way of living
and everyday needs.

Architectural Design
Interior Design
Furniture Design
Lighting Design
Interior Decoration
Mechanical & Electrical Design
Structural Design
Landscape Architecture
Garden Design
Energy Efficiency Design
Security & Safety Design


Flawless implementation plays a very important role in the success of your project. This is the phase of the project where the highest expenditure occurs. Everything should be well planned and prepared in advance. Transforming your dream into reality can be frustrating, but we make sure that it is not. We keep our eyes on your budget and your time frame. We keep our promises. Most importantly, we keep your mind at ease.

Project Management
Construction management
Site Supervision
Value Engineering
Quantity Surveying
Author’s supervision

Why Us.

 Our Philosophy: Prosperity.

We believe in the uniqueness of every human being, and this is why we create exclusive paces for our distinguished clients. We work with a holistic approach, we analyze the needs and wants, likes and dislikes, in order for our architectural design to become a vehicle for expressing your initial vision and create bespoke, high-quality spaces. In that way, we ensure that each space reflects its own character.
The owner’s character.

Our character: Bespoke Design.

Our strong and impressive design reflects character and attitude. A bespoke design that communicates the personality of each of our customers and what they believe in. Contemporary but still timeless life-aspiring design.

Our way of work: From A to Z. 

We offer a complete and carefully planned pack of services to our esteemed clients, based on our twenty-two-year experience. Safeguarding the flow of information, keeping the “big picture” and the project objectives constantly alive, ensuring continuity from design phase to implementation the phase we proactively think of every parameter and focus on your objectives, so you don’t have to.

Our Passion: Project Excellence.

 Each project consists of several interconnected phases, and execution speed acts in favor of available budgets and time plans. We ensure that your money is well spent and your house is delivered within deadlines.

Our Values.

Integrity ⇒ Our word is our bond. We keep our promises; we are always honest with our clients, committed to always delivering more to them.

Empathy ⇒ We feel for and truly care about our clients. We work to design holistically their business system and environment to successfully support them in achieving their vision and strategic goals!

Passion ⇒ We love what we do, we smile while we work tirelessly for every project with professionalism and attention to details.

Innovation ⇒ Each project is unique. Each project a new challenge in a new market. We find novel ways and design innovative solutions to create successful business concepts and give out of the box solutions.

Sustainability ⇒ Whether a business, society or the world in general, the long-term view is what we see. Anything we do is beyond the superficial or temporary, seeking to contribute to a better world for all.

Happiness ⇒ In the end, it is all about being happy. We have fun during work, we feel fulfilled and accomplished with what we do, and we make sure not only our clients can feel it but that they also share the same feelings.


Our Team.

Our team consists of well-educated experts from related disciplines, such as Innovative Architects, Project Managers, Investment Consultants, Civil & Mechanical Engineers, Top Interior Designers, and Decorators. With these carefully chosen collaborators, we form project teams to face successfully the challenges of each project and deliver the desired result.

Type of Projects.

Urban Residences: Our architectural approach is based on the balanced blending of old-time classic and contemporary values, ensuring the endurance of the design. Each design proposal is an innovative and original solution that combines the right selection of materials, furniture, textures and colors. We also optimize the fusion of the interior and exterior spaces, as integral parts of the building, creating a holistic experience. STIRIXIS Exclusive creates a unique and complete approach based on your expectations.

Apartments: Urban living is mainly experienced in city apartments. We design urban spaces based on the concept of creating a habitat for our client. The apartment functions as a shelter from the fast and demanding rhythm of everyday life in the city. Our design is based on our clients’ functional needs, aesthetic preferences and habits. We upgrade the quality of your life by creating cozy and comfortable spaces for you and your family.

Vacation Houses: The natural beauty, the breathtaking view, the peace and relaxation sought after in this category of houses are the main axes of our design. Our architecture and design contribute to the harmonization of the building and its landscape and result in one entity
with the environment and nature.





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